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powder over chrome "MUST STRIP IT?"

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  • powder over chrome "MUST STRIP IT?"

    i picked up an issue of HOT BIKE motorcycle magazine because they have an article on how to "BLACK OUT" your bike. along with paint, anodizeing and others they also include powder coating. they say that a chrome piece must be stripped of it's chrome and nickel layers becuse it may cause the powder coating to "bubble and chip ". now i know i'm going to have some guy who reads this article ask me about this so whats everybodys answer? all the things people have told me in the past is to scuff up a chrome piece and clean it well and there should be no problem. hope that is o.k. because i've done chrome pieces in the past and hope they don't come back!!

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    Re: powder over chrome "MUST STRIP IT?"

    thanks HARLEYDAD thats what i do and usually tell my customers the same thing. if the chrome job is cheap i warn them that bubbleing and peeling may happen before i shoot it. i have had parts given to me and when i media blast them the chrome starts to peel. i also let chromed aluminum parts cool down very slowly!


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      Re: powder over chrome "MUST STRIP IT?"

      yes,that will work.i also hit it with the blaster very lightly for a etch at low pressure.
      Some nolagable man told me that.......(donald)


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        Re: powder over chrome "MUST STRIP IT?"

        all of the above , i tell the customer if he s willing to send the part( and to pay the extra cost) out for chemical stripping
        that is the best way to go , if not i will do the job but i cant give any warranty on the job . most of the time i end up slighly blasting and then coat , no come backs yet :P