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  • rodeo cell phone list

    if anyone wants to get their info on the cell phone list so we can all hook up Friday (OMG NEXT FRIDAY!) drop me an email at pbtprodeo at gmail (figure it out! ) So far I just got info from autocycle, tnc, and alpowder so at least the 4 of us will be having a beer friday

    just email your board name and real name if you want it on the list and a phone number...i dont want to have to go dig through a buncha stuff, I will just paste the line you write into the list and then reply it back to everyone so you can print it. I guess I will do that this friday night so we dont have to worry about people already leaving or anything.

    like my line is:
    nolatodd todd 504-606-xxxx

    dont post your numbers in the public forum!!!

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    Re: rodeo cell phone list

    Hey, nolatodd,

    I dont give a shizz if anyone here calls me anyhow.

    Mike Harry
    407 908 4035

    See yall next Friday, YES!


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      Re: rodeo cell phone list

      haha freaks...its not the people here I worry about, its the random ones who use google. YOU freaks I know. added you both.

      HD Thursday? you are getting in a day early to start drinkin?!?! Damn dood you are a pro.

      I am thinking I will be taking off from here like midnight or so Thursday night and driving all night, less cops and traffic usually. I think its about 14 hours google said so I should be in around 1 or 2 I would think. We lose an hour too don't we, so maybe I will leave a little earlier. No one knows of any stupid construction between MN and TN that I want to avoid eh?