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  • Coating Furniture

    Anybody do this type of work Looking to get some prices on various parts of Old Metal Furniture.. If possible?

    Guy galled me said he re-stores old furnture wanted to know if I could do some items and if he liked he will keep them coming... From Chairs to cabinets. He says some can be tooken apart and others cant... Most have light-medium rust, that will need to be blasted.

    Any info in this area would be great

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    Re: Coating Furniture

    Waiting on some pictures from him and sizes.. Via e-mail.

    Any special base/topcoat for this stuff? Some is outdoor furniture other is indoor. He was interested in the range of Exterior Powder Colors.


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      Re: Coating Furniture

      Originally posted by Harleydad
      IMO the outdoor stuff should get a primer. The interior stuff you should be able to come up with a single stage, one coat and done powder.
      X2, you don't want to strip it, and re shoot it a month later... sadly I know.
      I make sure every time to ask in door, or out so I don't look like a fool again
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        Re: Coating Furniture

        The outdoor furniture can use up a LOT of sand!!!! Figure that in when you do your prices


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          Re: Coating Furniture

          And make sure you use pretreatment for chemical resistance and adhesion. It all starts with pretreatment....