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how durable is high temp?

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  • how durable is high temp?

    i've used high temp powders on a few intake manifolds and i was wondering if anyone had any issues with durability.. there's no description of what kind of powder it is, like polyester,etc...

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    Re: how durable is high temp?

    It's a silicone resin system, and is very durable. Silicone resins tend to build up or clump together very quickly when introduced to heat. If you don't have a good profile or a well etch on your surface before applying the coating, you will have adhesion issues. The High Temp Muffler coatings are designed for exhaust systems and have extra chemical resistance properties to hold up longer against road oils, gases, cleaners, etc. Never use and Iron or Zinc cleaners/phosphates before applying the High Temp Powders. Also never use any bi-petroleum products to clean your substrate prior to powder coating as well. The best way to prepare your substrate before powder coating the High Temp Powders is to, sand blast, blow off with clean air, and clean with a simple cleaner.


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      Re: how durable is high temp?

      GREAT info!

      I need to coat a set of mufflers later this month. Very, very cool.