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  • trying to start my business


    I am new to powder coating and am intending to open my own shop. I am just looking for any pointers anybody wants to share!!
    I think I am going to try to find some contract work for my main income, and to custom work for extra time, I have a history in doing custom liquid painting and i understand it's not the same, but i do have some experience in masking methods, etc...
    I am also looking at some used equipment to just get my start, is that a good idea? I understand I have a lot of work ahead of me, but i am willing to do whatever it takes to make this work. thank you guys for any info you can provide me with!!

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    Re: trying to start my business

    You jumpin in with both feet? Do you have powder coating experience?

    If your good at liquid paint I would use them skills as a base for your business and offer coating as a side until you got the revenue, skills, and equipment up to snuff. Landing a contract can be a blessing and a curse all at the same time. Be careful what you wish for...

    Nothing wrong with used equipment, just as long as your not buying someone elses problem.

    There was a nice looking used gun in the forsale section last week.


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      Re: trying to start my business

      Just my .02 cents worth...............I've been self employed for near 20 years (although not in the powder coating industry)..........

      If you love it..........keep it that way. Just do it for the love and a few extra side bucks. The WORST thing I ever did was take my hobby and turn it into my profession. I make my living building custom harmonica cases (I've been a custom saddle maker for 15+ years of the 20) and although I love working with the leather, I HATE OWNING MY OWN BUSINESS. I know it sounds kinda backwards but take a look outside the box.

      You actually spend very little time doing what you love........ working in the shop.......98% of the time, you're dealing with customers, ordering materials, hurrying because you forgot to order the right material, more dealing with customers, phones (that sucker rings non-stop), paperwork, filing, more customers, every buddy you have stopping by because you work for yourself you don't have a boss to yell at you..............customers once ya see where I'm goin' with this?

      Now, please don't get me wrong.........the ONE plus to all this hassle is that I've gotten to spend more time with my kids than most dads.........I can go to ball games, programs, field trips, etc........BUT, I pay for it with working in the shop til all hours of the night..............and then I get to get up and do it all over again..........

      Sorry to rant, you happened to catch me on a Monday morning...........the worst day of the week for 8:01 the phone will start in............

      The PC'ing with the mics, although I make a little money at it (and it's enough to buy more powder), is just my hobby and that's the way it's gonna's my distraction from the madness that is self emplyment (at least for me).


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        Re: trying to start my business

        thanks for your input guys, i do have a little experience in it from when I went to auto body school, and i'm attending another powder class later this month. and with the phone ringing non stop and all the paperwork, my girlfriend is an accounting major and has agreed to go in it with me, she will take those responsibilities over for me, she is already almost done with a 56 page business plan for me also. and about the liquid painting, i do enjoy it, but i hate all the hassle with all the chemicals that come with it, that is my hobby that I won't turn into a profession, while powder coating is what i want to turn into the profession. I really do appriciate all your input, i also understand what you mean with the contract being a blessing and a pain, my parents have owned a flower business for over 20 years now and they deal with contract growing for over 90% of their work.