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Using Red Oxide Primer?

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  • Using Red Oxide Primer?

    OK so i just picked some of this up and was curious about the best way to use it. First off, its got an awfully interesting cure time CURE TIME =462F/1 MIN, or 438F/2 MIN, or 400F/5 MIN, or 375F/10 MIN .

    I'm guessing this is for a full cure of the primer. It says for best use partial cure and then cross link with the top coat. So for my use i should shoot the primer, cook for 5Mins @ 375 and then let cool. THEN top coat over the red oxide, for the regular cure time of the powder? Example PBTP Black carbide 357 for 10-12 mins. I don't need to add extra time for the primer?

    If i wanna sand the primer, is a partial cure going to work or do i need to full cure?

    Sorry but there isn't much info on the primer.

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    Re: Using Red Oxide Primer?

    I know the KL primer is used for the most part to fill in like a normal automotive primer that you block out before you top coat.

    And then you have the sealers that you shoot and then start the top coat in say 30 min or more. So that what is under stays under and don't come back at you in the last stage or later on down the road.

    I just wonder if this is like a sealer type and not really meant to be sanded just used on some of the pain in the BUTT stuff that likes to outgas on you? Jason I think said it does the job on helping there I think



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      Re: Using Red Oxide Primer?

      For added durability you can do a partial cure and then topcoat it with your favorite poison. If you gonna sand it you can do a full cure then sand it for better intercoat adhesion. This primer is harder to sand than the kl primer but with the short cure schedule it is very good for out gas problem parts.