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    Powder will absorb moisture if the air in the storage area is above
    60% relative humidity. This will cause it to clump together, resist fluidization
    and flow poorly. In most cases, the clumping can be eliminated
    by a combination of stirring and fluidizing for a few minutes.
    Still, it is better to store powder at a range of 40 to 60% RH.
    If powder is stored in a controlled environment within these parameters,
    it will normally remain stable for at least one year. Storage in a
    controlled environment will provide more consistent behavior of the
    powder during application.
    To avoid problems with powder materials, storage areas should be
    controlled as follows:
    Control temperature to 80 F (27 C) or less.
    Control the relative humidity between 40 and 60% RH.
    Rotate stored powder so that it is not kept in storage for extended
    periods of time. First in, first out.
    Avoid leaving containers of powder open on the shop floor where
    the powder can easily pick up moisture and dirt.
    Precondition the powder before spraying by fluidizing it for a
    few minutes prior to application.
    Like many of the recommendations in this book, these precautions
    are not absolutely necessary to the application of powder. However,
    following them will produce the best possible results with the least
    possible labor. Proper storage and a little patience to achieve correct
    fluidization will help contribute to consistent results.

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    Re: Humidity

    Thanks King for the info. Hello all, I'm a long time lurker and a first time poster. I want to thank evryone in advance for all the good info that is on this forum and the other couple that I frequent. VERY GOOD STUFF. Ya'll have made my first 50 or 60 little pleasures go smoothly.
    But on with the topic. I was going to call PBTP, and logged on to get the phone number. The powder I recieved two weeks ago had rocks in it. Serousily, this is not a complaint, I just wanted to know if I did something wrong in storing. But now thinking back, the powder was delivered on a monday, so there is no telling where it sat and what the conditions were. I keep all my powder in the house at 68 to 72 deg f. Don't really know the humidity, but here in Fl. it's been high latley. So I think my order got screwed up during shipping, and not my storage. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Sorry for the long read, and I do have a few questions and will start different threads for them. Thanks again for all the info and PBTP for this very informative forum. By the way King, I saw your pic. Your a babe!!!!


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      Re: Humidity

      Thank You Twice