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Sifting powder??

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  • Sifting powder??

    So I've got this chopper frame and swingarm to do and the customer supplies me with the powder. After he drops everything off I notice that the powder he brought was pretty much junk - tons of clumps in it. So I tell him the powder's no good and that he needs to order more. He had more over-nighted and brought it over yesterday and it is pretty much the same way, maybe a little better. When you squeeze the powder between your fingers it is full of BB sized clumps - but not super hard clumps, you can break them up very easily.

    He called the supplier (which actually came from a custom chopper manufacturer, Big Dog Motorcycles), and the guy said that you had to sift the powder. Now to me that just does not seem right. You should never have to sift powder, especially new powder!

    Now this is a custom chopper - like everything needs to be perfect and the color has to be dead on and matched to a painted piece that he brought me. I just don't feel comfortable using this powder.

    Do you think I would be ok if I sifted the powder or should I tell him I need good powder or I can't do the job?

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    Re: Sifting powder??

    I agree with HarleyDad...there are some funky things going on out there....some companies are mixing powders together not knowing what the true resins are and making a big mess of things for people...sifting powder can resolve a problem but this should not be a factor when the powder is new! It is one thing if it has been sitting at your shop for awhile and you know the history of is another issue if this is coming straight to you in the manor...


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      Re: Sifting powder??

      did you show the cust real powder"like PBTP'S"""""
      so he no's what type of a company he's dealing with.