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    Anybody ever bought PPG powders? Do they deal mostly industrial and not sell to the little guys in small portions or...?

    Reason I ask is I'm still messing around with that chopper frame, jugs, heads, and other parts and the powder is supposedly a PPG powder. The chopper shop that I'm coating the parts for got the powder from Big Dog Motorcycles, and the powder is supposed to be a perfect match for a liquid paint that they bought from Big Dog and painted the fenders and gas tank with, the color is called Blue Heaven.

    Well, I'm having a hell of a time getting the powder coated parts to match the painted parts and Big Dog swears up and down that they sent us the correct powder and that this particular powder is always a crap shoot and always hard to get to match the paint and bla bla bla.

    To me it just seems like a totally different blue. The guy at the local chopper shop has a powder coat sample ring from Big Dog that has all their powder colors on it. The sample powder swatch with Blue Heaven on it is a dead match for the painted fenders. Well, the pieces that I powder coated look to be a dead match to a DIFFERENT powder swatch on the ring. We told Big Dog this and they still swear they sent use the right powder and we're just not applying it perfectly.

    Long story short, if possible we want to go directly to PPG and get this Blue Heaven powder and shoot it to see.

    Not only that, but the powder from Big Dog was clumpy and old, so then they ordered new powder from Big Dog and the new powder was also clumpy. Plus Big Dog is charging them around $75 per pound for this powder, and it is a 3 stage powder - base, candy, clear.

    Any help would be awesome.

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    Re: PPG powders...

    I have some local PPG contacts that might can help. They do not like to sell in small qty's though so it might be costly either way. Can you get the PPG Codes for this color?


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      Re: PPG powders...

      I can try calling Big Dog or maybe PPG to get the color code, but what they sent from Big Dog had no description or color code or anything on it. I'll shoot you a PM with my cell Auto-cycle. Thanks.