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    Has any one ever did the outside of a grill?

    I have a friend that want to take a new Weber grill Black and do the outside RED for his son!

    I told him I didn't know what type of coating they used. Maybe e-coat but higher temp? Also that if I have to use high temp powder that is does not come in all colors. He said he was going to try to get in touch with Weber to see what their coating is? If they will tell him?

    I coated a mail box last week and did the front/back and the sides but not the bottom and the inside and what ever is used on them was not effected by the heat? Its also has a tough and thick coating. But you don't cook in a mail box DO YOU

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    Re: Charcoal Grill

    More than likely it is a powder coating or e-coat. I just spoke to our high temp manufacturer and they supply a lot of powder coatings to grille companies (not sure which ones) for the shells to be powder coated. The grates or grilles where the food goes are actually done in a porcelain.


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      Re: Charcoal Grill

      another name for porcelain is frit ! this product is manuactured by Ferro...encapsulated glass ...


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        Re: Charcoal Grill

        porcelain I know all about for years(30+ working with Sears&Robuck years ago) and e-coating I understand the process.

        Now if the product is powder and you scuff it up a little bit you should be able to coat over it?

        If its an e-coat that also goes through a bake cycle can it be scuffed over and coated?

        Now there are different types of powder and not real sure what want go over what?

        Maybe I go to the trash recycle and see if I can get the guys to pull me out a Weber grill so I can practice with it?????????

        I have a look-a-like weber one but Weber takes the extra steps to make theirs the best so what might and might not work on the one I have might be a total change on what would work on theirs?

        Dag the things people come up with they want coated! And they tell you why and sometimes it just ain't right

        But we are here to try to do it? RIGHT?