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  • Paging PC Pros

    Very Nice HD! Laid smooth, very relaxed, but has some pop. The purple was not to purple on your end. (I will fix the name)

    Would you recommend this powder on any type of parts or substrates? (What it might look good on)

    Thanks for testing .

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    Re: Paging PC Pros

    Here is the link : viewtopic.php?f=5&t=797

    I was more or less talking about what would it look good on. Harley frames or? Just a thought. Yeah I will tweak it a tad and I have many more ideas.


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      Re: Paging PC Pros

      Originally posted by Harleydad
      I wish we could compare the panels you shot and the parts I shot side by side, I guess I'm not seeing what I would consider "purple". As far as the purple I think it would be o.k on a frame or something similar. The gold I would not hesitate to shoot on a tank and tins or anything else for that matter.
      I like the gold better. More ideas to come.....