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Using MIL thickness reader?

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  • Using MIL thickness reader?

    A fancy digital reader is not very high on the priority list and budget, so I was looking at PBTP's little guy here: ... cts_id=362

    How exactly does this work? I mean the picture shows a hand holding it, so I understand I gotta hold it up so something... LOL, but what exactly do I need to do? Thanks!

    PS... If someone that has this could come up with a video on using this, you would be awesome.

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    Re: Using MIL thickness reader?

    Originally posted by Harleydad
    It is a destructive test.
    Here are the directions for use:
    I have one of those that I bought from PBTP. I used it a few times on test pieces but unless you have a area that want be seen it hard to use it on a project item. I kinda place this under money maybe waisted but you can check dry powder with it on any thing. The digital ones unless you pay the big $$$$ want read aluminum.


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      Re: Using MIL thickness reader?

      Thank you sir! That's what I figured but I needed confirmation before spending money on it... I would assume you are expected to powder over the test area again? If so, that would kind of defeat the purpose of the MIL test, although it could get you close enough... thanks again man