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How much powder?

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  • How much powder?

    Hi there all people across the big lake,

    Im new in the forum and im in the last stage of finishing my own powder coat work shop in Sweden.

    Quick question. How much powder do you caluclate for if you do 4 rims? I harley frame? Bike rims? Need to know before i order my powder from PBTB.

    Regards from Sweden


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    Re: How much powder?

    I blow my powder over everything except the parts i'm tryin to coat so stock up.Its nice to try out a few different colors but the main colors i'm going to order more that 2 lbs worth.I'm not sure on calculating yet,i just buy and spray.Welcome to the forum.


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      Re: How much powder?

      Welcome to the forum. You can probably do 4 rims with about 2 pounds of powder, I'd buy a couple of pounds for a frame too in case you have to do a second coat. A pair of bike rims you can probably do with 1 pound but I always buy more than I need. Its nice to have some left over rather than running short. You'll always find more to coat to use it up!

      Best of luck.

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        Re: How much powder?

        Welcome aboard


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          Re: How much powder?

          Welcome to the forums...

          I haven't done any bike frames but I've done automotive wheels. I've used 3lbs for a set of 4 19x8 wheels. Depending on coverage you can get away with doing an entire set of 17 inch wheels with about 2lbs. I normally order 1lb for every 1 or 2 wheels depending on the powder's coverage and the diameter of the wheel.


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            Re: How much powder?

            Thanks for your answers.

            Now itīs just to wait and see what USPS brings me and try it out.


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              Re: How much powder?

              Welcome to the forum.