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  • Speaker grill pricing...

    I know I know... another pricing question. I only ask because I've never done anything with a material like this so I'm not sure what all is involved in dealing with blasting and coating.

    Got a guy that wants the metal grill on his 10" subwoofer enclosure powder coated candy red. It has this sort of design on it:

    It's about 12x12 inches and maybe 16-18 gauge. I plan on doing 1 layer of Silver Explosion and a couple coats of Trans. Red.

    What do you guys think would be a fair price?


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    Re: Speaker grill pricing...

    Chances are the existing finish is just paint so it should blast off easily. Since it's a "one of", a lot of shops would just charge their minimum. I don't have a set minimum currently, but I think it's a good idea to have one like $25 or so. Anyway, since that will be fairly simple to blast and because you'll have good wrap-around with all the holes, coating will be a snap. I'd probably charge him $30. $20 for the first coat, plus 50% more for the candy topcoat.

    Best of luck.

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      Re: Speaker grill pricing...

      be carefull with the blasting so you dont warp/distort the screen .


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        Re: Speaker grill pricing...

        I was going to suggest being easy on blasting also. I agree with Dan that it is most likely painted, so maybe stripping would be more part friendly.

        I would charge 30 to 40 dollars for it. You have to strip it 15 - 20 minutes, clean it 5 - 10 minutes, coat it 2 or 3 times 15 -- 20 minutes with color changes, plus the materials and the electric for the oven.


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          Re: Speaker grill pricing...

          Perfect! All your suggestions seem very close to the price I originally had in mind, around $35... should be a fair price and a quick job since I already have all the powder. Thanks again guys!