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Used Powder Coating Booth For Sale - Is it worth checking out?

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  • Used Powder Coating Booth For Sale - Is it worth checking out?

    Anyone familar with JBI Powdercoat Spray Booths? I found a used model # POW-686 for sale for $600. This is a open face booth with all controls, lighting, and a variable speed fan. It's approx 7 feet wide. 8 feet tall. 8 feet deep. The booth comes with all the filters and was barely used. Sounds like a great deal.

    I really need a larger oven more than the booth. Unfortunately, there are none to be had for that price.

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    for 600 I would buy that in a second!


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      yes , id go for it , i think i found it on criagslist , looks like a nice unit . go for it !


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        Hey Ted - I'll trade you the booth for a good used oven!

        Seriously, I need an oven more than the booth. Right now this is mainly a hobby that's turning into a side business for refinishing motorcycle parts. I want to do frames and swingarms eventually. I think this particular booth can be made shallower by removing one panel on each side. As it is, it would be too large for my present location, but probably ok when I move in a few months. Are filters readily available for these booths?

        My plan is to find a large, upright, dead deep freezer unit and convert that into an oven that can handle larger parts.
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