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  • Bare metal clear

    Hey folks,

    What do use for a high gloss bare metal clear? I am looking at coating the part below. It's made from 6061, and the current finish is just brushed, about 120g dry. The part will be underhood (it's a clutch cable bracket) so the customer wants it to stay looking like that. I have some regular 90% gloss clear as well as some low temp stuff but it seems like the low temp stuff has a tendency to OP.



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    Re: Bare metal clear

    I've used it over steel before, and I had to scratch the surface just to know it was on there. It might dull it down a little, but It might leave it the same.


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      Re: Bare metal clear

      I found that the low-temp tend to OP more than others too, so I don't hardly ever use it. I did these aluminum valve covers with a high-gloss clear and they came out really good. They had a brushed finish and the guy hand polished them somewhat. Smoother than what you have, but not a bright polished finish. EW does have a bare-metal clear that is not quite as flat or textured as their satin clear which would probably maintain that dull shine you have. I'm sure PBTP sells something similar. Maybe POWDERBUY or KING will give you a suggestion.


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        Re: Bare metal clear

        MMM those are some tasty looking welds.

        I wish I could weld aluminum like that.


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          Re: Bare metal clear

          I would use the Glass Clear due in part to the milage per sq. foot and also very high quality blender...this product sprays smooth like glass