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motorcycle coating color options (need ideas)

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  • motorcycle coating color options (need ideas)

    i bought a 1991 harley sportster and i'm going to use it as a "rolling" piece to show off some powder coating! some of the chrome is heavely pitted. most of the time i do a wrinkle black for guys with this problem and it comes out fine, but i'm looking for something different to catch peoples eye! i'm thinking more of a "tarnish" or "aged" finish or maybe a "hammered" but with a wrinkle or texture to hide the bad chrome. the main parts are front legs, valve covers, clutch and cam covers.any ideas? pictures would be nice.

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    Re: motorcycle coating color options (need ideas)

    I did a valve cover recently in Silver Vein that looked really nice. Definitely got a lot of positive attention. The vein hides a lot too. Of course, it will require a clearcoat. There are hammertones available too that look similar.


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      Re: motorcycle coating color options (need ideas)

      warlock grey is a nice texture that hides aot of imperfections on covers an it s different than the usual texture back or wrinkle black