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  • Super Durable Powder

    I think this is a good question

    What makes super durable super durable?

    Is it the type of powder?
    Has an extra ingredient been added?
    Or has it gone through the testing and passed and then the super durable could be added to its color?
    Or does it take all 3 to make it so?

    Why I am asking is if you are looking for the toughest powder for what you want to do what would be the best type to go after if you don't see the color you want in the super durable colors?

    The chart is good to go by for the new guys that have never seen it. ... tries.html

    The Epoxy looks to be the tough guy on the block but its down fall is not holding up for exterior use? It holds up great for painting and can't understand why it wouldn't with powder? Any one know the answer?

    I finished

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    Re: Super Durable Powder

    Originally posted by duke 46
    I think this is a good question

    What makes super durable super durable?
    The backbone resins most commonly used in superdurable powder coatings are polyesters. The crosslinkers most commonly used for both hydroxyl and carboxyl polyesters are:
    triglycidyl isocyanurate (TGIC),
    tetramethoxymethyl glycouril (TMMGU) and
    hydroxy-alkylamine (HAA or Primid).

    Basiclly you take a carboxyl-functional polyester resin , add some emission-free blocked isocyanates and you have a duarble or outdoor resistant system.
    A superdurable is a special polyester (higher grade), much more cleaner and based on a different base acid. They also use much more stable pigments.

    The chemistry behind epoxy powder coatings is different. Epoxys are functional not decorative. They are used primarily for protection because of their toughness, corrosion restistance, flexibility and adhesion. Their only downlfall: They are subject to UV radiation, hence, bad duarability outdoors (sun). Once the network of crosslinkd chains is destroyed, they will chalk and fall apart, loosing its protection.

    Hybrids are basiclly a mix of polyester resins and epoxy resins. They are a combination of expensive epoxys and cheaper polyesters.

    In essence, there is not ONE single powder system which can do it all you need to choose what the coating needs to do.
    You want chemical & corrosion resitance, go epoxy.
    You want exterior durability, go TGIC/Primid/Urethans.
    You want cheap indoor-only color, go hybrid.



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      Re: Super Durable Powder

      Me too. Ok, maybe not!

      I carry a gun because I'm too young to die, and too old to take an ass-whoopin'!


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        Re: Super Durable Powder



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          Re: Super Durable Powder

          WHAT DID HE SAY???????????

          Thanks for all the info. Maybe it will help people out when making their decisions on what they need to buy and what they need it for and want it to do.

          The only downfall is there or not as many super durable colors as we need for custom coating. Matthew and I were on the phone today and the best thing to do to have the colors you want is to use the super durable clears over your customers choice color and then you will meet the need of what they need.

          Most of you guys know how to work around things and the rest of us are learning and this post and the answers I hope will help us as we try to stuff more knowledge into our heads and make our business as custom coaters grow and take pride in what we do.

          Now time for a RUM and Coke

          Thanks Guys