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  • Coatimg over bondo

    I built a custom air cleaner out of 18ga is a little wavy from heat when welded..i like to smooth it out with bondo body filler..can i powddercoat over the bondo body filler..

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    As it's not our product we can't provide full info. about intermixing the filler/powder I did check base with our tech. and he suggested using either of the two products posted below. These alternatives were chosen chiefly because they have been tested by us personally. If you have any further questions please reach out. Also on our online store now offers a Live Chat service in which you can speak to a member of our team for accessing information quicker. Thanks!


    ***For the lab metal links featured on that page make sure to take note that one is for high temp. applications and one is for non-high temp. applications. The solvent (if needed) works with either.
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      In my experience bondo works okay if you are hot flocking it, but it's not conductive. A conductive metal lab filler is what you want to use, see the links above. The Kl Primer has metalic content and it's sandable, so if you've already done the bondo job, this is a good primer coat over that (hot flocking to get it to adhere to the bondo) that helps to level and is sandable before your finish coat.