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Newbie: Powder Coating Chrome??

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  • Newbie: Powder Coating Chrome??

    I am new to powder coating.
    I have hub caps on my RV and I want to powder coat with the Wet Black or Mirror Black. But do I sand (what grit is best) the chrome or just powder coat over the chrome. Also I need to fill a few dents with epoxy or bondo. What is the best to use with powder coating?? Also should I use a clear coat since they are rims?? Do I use paint or clear powder coat?

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    Re: Newbie: Powder Coating Chrome??

    Welcome the the world of powder!! If you need to fill some dents I would use JBWeld then a light coat of powder over that area cured the wetsand and coat the whole cap. As for sanding if there is no rust or corrosion I would scrub them really well with a green scotch brite to etch the chrome and coat from there. Clear is up to you I clear a lot of what I do for added protection and gloss. If you decide you want to clear the PBTP SD clear would be great for this application and its a powder also.