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PVD Chrome process at Home

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  • PVD Chrome process at Home

    Good afternoon friends.

    I've studied the process of PVD chrome ( I believe a similar and cost effective alternative can be produced at home/garage on a budget, using a basic powder coating setup.

    (US6399152 Goodrich Technology Corporation for reference only ) The Summary of the process is: "An organic epoxy, thermosetting powder base coat is applied to smooth the surface to a glass-like finish and to ensure adhesion of the metal coatings. A two part metal coating is then applied via a PVD process, consisting of a Ni/Cr base and a Cr layer. A protective acrylic, thermosetting topcoat is then applied to protect the metal coating layers". Now of course we don't have the budget to buy a PVD Coating machine for wheels, so what we do is skip the vacuum metalizing process and replace it with a chemical metalizing process that rely on a chemical process to produce a mirror effect on the wheel, the wheel is then clear coat it to protect it.

    For base coat I am thinking of using Mirror Black - Polyester TGIC to produce a glass like finish, then apply either Spray On Chrome(Silver) or electroless Nickel/Cobalt, then top coat it with Acrylic clear powder or Transparent candy powders.

    What do you guys think?

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    The spray on chrome/silver does not need expensive equipment