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  • Tribo metallic powder

    I have a Nordic pulver tribo gun and I'm hoping to shoot silver metallic followed by transparent blue then clear on my motorcycle frame/wheels.
    Prismatic is my powder of choice but I've been told by one of their reps that metallic simply won't work in tribo guns. However I've seen the Nordic pulver guys do a video on metallic wheels. (Possibly worked because he had the wheel horizontal?
    Anyway, whats your experience with this?

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    Part of your problem may be your powder of choice. Different brands have differing levels of success and I have heard of issues with their metallics in the past. That said, depending on the makeup of the powder and the concentration of the metallic flake tribo guns may have an issue simply due to the method in which it charges the powder. The only way to know is to try it and see if it works properly. May I suggest checking these out:
    Powder Buy The Pound Technical Support