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  • Glow In the Dark Additive

    Hey guys,

    I have had an increasing amount of technical questions about the Glow in the dark additive that we offer here at Powder Buy The Pound. A lot of them, but only one question is asked.......

    ...."Why doesn't it glow?"....

    I then find out that they mix it with a solid color. <......... This is why!

    When the Glow in the dark additive is mixed with a solid color. After cure, 95% of the additive in UNDER the surface. Thus only 5% will charge and glow.

    The Additive needs to be mixed in a CLEAR.

    By adding it to a clear, all 100% will charge and glow.

    Thank You

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    Has anyone been able to capture the "Glow" on camera? Be interesting to see the effect at night. Is there any information available concerning the life expectancy of the capability to glow? Once depleted, is there any concern for the clear coat itself - darken, fog or spotting?


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      Glow in the dark additives will immediately be recharged with exposure to light and go through the process again and again for many years.. Thanks for the Question.

      Sorry I missed part of the Question. You don't have to worry about dissipation. The half life on the additive is very long. lol
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        After lights out how long will it glow?


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          It all depends on how long you leave it in the light and the lights intensity. The glow can last as as little as 30 minutes up to four to five hours.


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            Good Afternoon Gang,

            Here's some more Quality Info From Powder Buy The Pound about Glow In The Dark Additives:

            Our Glow In The Dark Additives never go bad in time so there is no real shelf life limitations to contend with. << Sweet >>

            Store the additives as you would your powders in a temperature controlled sealed air tight container.

            After cured it glows best with UV light from the sun.

            After you put it in the sun for 5 minutes t
            he(Green) and (Aqua) should glow 8 - 10 Hours and the (Violet) additive is a 3rd of that time around 3 - 4 Hours.

            This test was done in a
            (Pitch Black Environment).

            If The Additive is being used outside you must take in consideration the light pollution such as the moon, stars, street lights, etc.

            These light sources will decrease its glowing ability.



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              Glow in the dark additives have always been a disappointment. It takes an extreme amount of light to really get a good effect and then it has to be pitch dark to really see it well. It really only works well on white and less so on other colors. I've never seen effects that lasted 8-10 hours.