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  • Blue oval wrinkle

    I bought a NEW set of blue cam covers for my 08 Shelby GT500, but when they arrived were both scratched. Can't send them back due to a private sale. Anyway, found a local powdercoater and the "Powder buy the pound" web site has BLUE OVAL WRINKLE powder.
    Can anyone tell me if this is the right powder and can this be shot on over the original coat after just roughing it up with a 3M pad?
    Also, how much powder will I need? Rather have too much than not enough!
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    Good Morning 14indy,

    Put up some pictures so we can see what your going through. I don't know if the Blue Wrinkle is the right stuff but it could be. Also try down loading our new app for your smart phone. It's called (((SpectraCoat Snap And Match))).

    This will help you Zero in on the color and possibly the texture you need to reproduce. You will also receive the RGB numbers if your looking at out RAL color group. The RGB's will be available for all of the other colors as they get entered into the data base we are creating.

    You can always call in for assistance as well.


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      Good news: The Blue Oval is very close, you will be good to go with this color for a match on the covers.

      Bad News: Your coater will need to strip the covers. If you coat over the original or a cured texture on these they typically end up a smoother finish. The finish is smooth enoughh as to be noticed.

      Hope this helps.


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        It is good practice to never ever coat over someone else's work. You have no idea if the chemical make up of what's on the part is compatible with what you are shooting. Nor do you know what shitty prep if any was done to the part. Your "NEW" parts were already scratched, it's something that should never happen if the proper blast profile was put on the part. If the original powder starts to fail with your powder over it and it's a customer part who do you think the customer is going to bad mouth, you or the original factory coating? I as I understand it, when Ford first came out with the Ford Racing Wrinkle blue they instructed the manufacturer to not make it for anyone else or tell them the formula. Well any color or texture can be made a so member here bought a valve cover and sent it in to have a match made and that's how we got the Blue Oval Wrinkle. It is as close as you are going to get, but I wouldn't touch up factory parts with it. Strip your part and start fresh. It'll be good practice learning to do valve covers.
        I just realized you are the customer and not a coater but others can learn from this info.
        Just curious, did the local coater you found offer to "touch up" using this powder?
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          Previous post explained how we came to get the Ford Racing Wrinkle Blue. The first batch came out more of a texture and not a true wrinkle. I had you guys make another batch with more wrinkle agent in it. It came out better, but still a texture. I agree with never coating over someone else work. Most production coating uses a chemical etch for texture and no one will ver convince me this method is adequate for long term durability. The covers were scratched when new due to this poor method. All the stories I hear about powder flaking off it's from this method that the coater doesn't care about because he doesn't deal with the end user and the sellers warranty is usually only a year and then it fails. If you coat over someone else poor work and their base fails, who do you think the end user blames, you or the original coater? Always start fresh if your coating for someone else.