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  • Antimicrobial Powder Coatings

    Antimicrobial Powder Coatings:
    Features and benefits:
    • Available in a full range of colors, textures, glosses and chemistries

    • Available in a variety of technologies, including: epoxy, hybrid, aromatic urethane, aliphatic urethane, TGIC polyester, premium weathering, polyester and non-TGIC (HAA)

    • Ideal for indoor and outdoor applications

    • Active ingredient is Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-registered and US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) - recognized
    Ideal applications:

    • Hospitals, public transit, restaurants, park and playground structures, medical equipment, water treatment plants, food service packaging equipment, pharmaceutical labs, child care facilities.

    Technical Information:

    Why silver-based antimicrobial additives for powder coatings?

    Silver is a naturally occurring element proven effective at inhibiting the growth of many types of microbes. Historical data shows that silver exhibits very low toxicity for humans and animals.

    Silver is highly regarded for its antimicrobial properties and has many benefits over alcohol-, chlorine-, or ammonium-based antimicrobials.

    How does it work?
    The moisture in the air causes a controlled release of the silver ion embedded in the special silver-containing zeolite. Silver ion interferes with the cell membranes to inhibit respiration and growth.

    Important notes:
    • Silver is registered as a pesticide with the EPA (EPA 738-F-93-005). The EPA states, “Pesticides are substances used to prevent, destroy, repel, or mitigate any pest ranging from insects, animals and weeds to microorganisms such as fungi, molds, bacteria and viruses.”

    Alesta® AM powder coatings formulated with antimicrobial additives are FDA recognized and approved for use in food preparation.

    • Antimicrobial protection is limited to the treated particle and does not protect against disease causing bacteria. The use of these products does not diminish the importance of good hygienic practices.

    • For more information about EPA regulations on antimicrobial additives in consumer products, visit:

    DuPont™ Alesta® AM is a patented* powder coating that uses environmentally sustainable silver ions to inhibit the growth and transmission of harmful microbes on powder coated surfaces.
    *Patents US6093407 (A), US643241 (B1)
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