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    What's up everyone. Wanted to see everyone's opinion on shelf life. I know it's on how it's stored and humidity. I personally have used powder over a year old and had no problems at all ,but have read online it's shelf life was 6 months. Let me know what you guys think.

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    I keep mine in an air conditioned shop, which keeps it cool and controls humidity. Have powder over a year old and still in good condition. I also store it in air tight containers.


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      Hey thanks rip_jeff for bringing this subject up. To answer your question shelf life is really contingent with both the temperature and humidity of containment/storage. Ideal temperature for storage is between 50 and 80 degrees; humidity should be at 50% or less otherwise clumping could occur. It's also important to sift your powders sporadically either during use or if there's any amount of clumping. High temperature powders are at a greater risk for clumping so take special care to avoid any contamination.


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        You guys are gonna laugh. I use some powder about a month ago from heck before 2008 at least. Customer is a good friend. Used it on machine parts that are never seen and completely outta site. My powder sits in my climate controlled garage also in air tight containers.


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          I have all my powder stored in plastic containers in the cool basement and have powder that is 8 years old and still shoots fine.