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  • Feedback request

    Could you take a look at our site and give us feedback on the site and more importantly, what you think of the products and online store. Is it a good idea or not professional?
    Thanks for ANY feedback good or bad.

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    I'm a software test engineer, now retired. After looking at your site briefly, I see that it is well organized and squeaky clean, perhaps a bit too clean. Because it is so sanitized and clean, some viewers may find it boring. Please don't take this personally. People are kept interested by seeing things that are appealing. Some suggestions I have are:

    1. Go a little larger on the print.
    2. Vary the print size and font to keep the viewer interested.
    3. The word "out sourced" should be "outsourced."
    4. Don't put a period after ever bullet item. Periods should only be used for complete sentences. If you have 2 fragments that you want to separate, us a semicolon.
    5. Add some color to ;you pages to liven them up. Appropriately patterned borders and banners work too.

    Hope that helps,



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      It looks good, nice and clean. I do second the comment above however as it can look slightly boring, however I think you could prevent this by adding in a bit of colour.

      The logo is a bit strange though, im not sure how set in stone that is but it may be worth a re-think.

      In terms of products I'd suggest a uniform layout rather than random pictures, this keeps them looking similar.