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Powder coating over vinyl

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  • Powder coating over vinyl

    Has anyone tried powder coating over vinyl or using vinyl as a stencil? I just did a cross for my friends grave and it worked well. Like to see what others are using and have done. This was a stainless steel cross I cut by hand and polished up. Let me know what u guys think.
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    No Need To Vinyl Anymore

    Nicely done Sir!

    If you are thinking about powder coating over decals and stencils then you need to look into what temps., those tools can withstand. I'm guessing not enough for the oven.

    Have look at our Liquid To Powder Product. Looks like you might need it in the future. Here's the link.

    Here's the link for our Air Brush Products...
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      Coating over Stickers

      Hi Gang,
      We have had a chance to put stickers on Pat. Alt. Chrome and under Diamond Acrylic Clear. This is the new (in Beta Testing) Quick color Change System ~ QC04 with stickers. We asked for stickers that would take the oven stress and these did.
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        Where did you buy the stickers? I love this idea, and may order my own.


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          That looks good.