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Metal Thickness and Textured Powders Curing Tips

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  • Metal Thickness and Textured Powders Curing Tips

    Good Afternoon Gang,

    Here's an Idea we came up with in the classroom that can help you find your oven efficiency and learn about cure development at the same time.

    Get 3 pieces of Iron or Steel that are 3 different thicknesses. Do the same with some Aluminum.

    Hang the 6 parts in the spray booth and apply SS Black Wrinkle evenly to the parts. Qualify that the coating is the same thickness on all of the parts.

    Next put all of the parts in the oven at the same time. Write down the start Temp and Clock time. Close the door.

    Open the door at 10 minutes and have a look. Write down what you see. You will see the thin parts have started to go into gel stage and maybe showing some texture starting to develope.

    Open the Door at 20 minutes and you will see texture development on the medium gauge parts and the thinner parts will be finishing. The thicker parts may still be glossy.

    Open the door at 30 minutes and you will see the medium mass size parts are starting to finish and the thicker are still glossy with some sign of texture development.

    We did this test for some of our students in the classroom. The plus side on this testing will visually show how the powder cures on different mass parts and metal types.

    The Gloss sheens that you cure develope at the same speed as the textures. We can't see this transformation in glossy finishes. After you have the times together on your Textures then apply the same times to the gloss and satin finishes for complete cure.

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